What should I wear to my session?

  • Always think about the end result when making your choices
  • It is a good idea to avoid red and patterns that may clash or large slogans/logos across t-shirts that will date
  • Make sure you are comfortable in case I get you to roll and climb around
  • Formal with dresses for the girls and shirts for the boys, or something a bit more casual with jeans and tees for the whole family
  • Co-ordinate and compliment, rather than match.
  • Think about coordinating with your interior décor, for example neutral tones with a few colour pops
  • If you are wanting studio shots on a white background, avoid wearing white. We need to create seperation and help you ‘pop’. Likewise with black clothing and dark backgrounds, and the same goes for our Out + About portraiture, avoid green.

What should I do before the shoot?

  • Please make sure that fingers and toes are clean and well-manicured ( both ladies and gents). You will end up regretting that chipped black nailpolish that you wore for a Halloween party on Saturday night!
  • Book your haircuts and colouring in advance
  • Lay the foundations of great body shape by considering effective support for your “assets”. It will also help you to feel more confident in your photos!
  • If you have time, test and try on your selected outfits before the shoot. Check yourself out in the mirror to check for rouge straps and or visible lines
  • I hardly wear make-up however it can make a huge difference in your photographs. We have affordable solutions for those of you who don’t feel comfortable doing your own make-up and for little girls, who might like to feel a little pampered, sheer gloss can make all the difference.

On the day.

  • Take care to bring makeup and accessories with you. A matt powder is especially great for removing shine.
  • I don’t carry bribes for children, in case it gets me into trouble, so bring a secret stash with you in case you need them.

Where do we go for our shoot?

  • I welcome you to the studio or alternatively, as I am fully mobile, I can come to you
  • Increasingly popular is the Out + About shoot, as there are so many beautiful locations available
  • Think about what style of images you’re after
  • Wherever we go, I want you all to be relaxed and happy, because when you’re relaxed around the camera, your photos will look natural.

What happens after the shoot? When do we get our photos?

  • I like to arrange your gallery viewing about 2 weeks after your sitting. This will enable me to show you how to navigate around your gallery and discuss your preferences
  • You will receive your photos one week from this meeting. Usually on the same day of the shoot, and with your permission, I like to post a sneak peak of your images on Facebook and my blog.